I Just Bought A Heat Press Machine!!!

My First Heat Press Machine!

I am so incredibly happy right now. For years I have been wanting my own heat press machine but for whatever reason I never had the money to buy one. I’ve been saving for about three years now in order to purchase one. When I wanted was a power press 15 x 15 heat press machine.

I had to wait for about three months after I finally had the money for it to go on sale. Once it was on sale I was able to buy the heat press that I wanted.

I’ve been wanting a heat press for a while because I absolutely love making my own shirts. Until the heat press machine I was just using my old iron that I had laying around in the house.

Sadly the iron is only good at doing any kind of heat transfer on small items. I want to start doing a heat transfer onto very large items such as sweatshirts and banners.

I have a lot of events coming up where I can definitely make use of this heat press machine. I’m actually super excited for it, which I don’t know if is a good thing or a sad thing. But actually, I don’t care, I have a heat press machine now.

Since Christmas is coming up in a little over a month, I think that I’m going to make my family a bunch of personalized T-shirts. I think it’ll be a riot if we all wear T-shirts on Christmas and take a big family photo with it. Our family is goofy like that, where we absolutely love personalized items.

I’m not gonna tell them that I bought the heat press because I wanted to be a surprise. I may even use the heat press to do some heat transfers onto mugs. My uncle is addicted to coffee so I think that he’d really like that.

It’s pretty amazing what these heat transfer machines can make nowadays. I just find it absolutely fascinating that you can take an image and just apply some heat and press it right onto a mug and then it will stick forever. This is the coolest concept to me.

I’m also glad I didn’t have to settle for cheap heat transfer machine. I knew that once I finally had the money saved up I want to buy a good one because I’m going to be using the heat machine for a very long time.

Among those people who like to buy items for life. I’ve heard that the power press heat press is one of the more durable ones that are available for sale. I just can’t believe I finally have my own heat press.

This is so cool and I look forward to sharing all my journeys with you.

Steven Adams

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