Heat Press Machine Operating Instructions

First Things To Do With Your Heat Press Machine:

Regardless of the type of heat press machine that you ended up purchasing, you’re gonna want to follow some general operating tips. I want to say that this goes for anyone, regardless if you’re seasoned pro it using heat press machine or if your brand-new user. It is are safe, practical tips that everyone should follow every time that they use a heat press.

First, you want to remove the machine from the packaging that it came in. Make sure that you inspect the machine for any kind of damage. Once you’ve done the inspection, you’re free to place the heat press machine on a wide and flat surface. You and also make sure that there’s nothing around the surface nor the heat press machine that can get in the way of operation.

Every heat press will come with a gauge in a pressure adjustment knob. You’re going to need to adjust both of these right out the gate depending on what you’re going to be trying to do a heat transfer onto.

Operation is pretty standard across the board, regardless of the brand that you ended up buying. Your first want to set the temperature on the device. It’s usually simply adding the up or down arrows and so you had your desired temperature.

Next, you’re gonna want to set the time on your heat press. Again, just use the up and down arrows until you get to the time that you want.

Once you have both the time and the temperature to the desired levels in heat press, you’re gonna want to hit the set button or enter button word ever one is going to confirm what you want to do. This is going to enable your heat transfer machine start heating up.

At this point, I highly recommend that you clear the area while it’s heating up. I can’t tell you how many times of heard of someone accidentally putting their hand down on the surface of a heat press only to end up in the hospital with severe burns.

Do not underestimate how hot your heat transfer machine is. It is enough to burn you and send you the hospital.

While your heat transfer machine is heating up, you can prepare the garment that you’re going to heat transfer onto. Might as well multitask while it’s heating up.

Once you have that done you’re going to take garment and then the transfer image and place it onto the surface of the heat press.

You open up the heat press by pressing on the handle. You may need to adjust a little rubber part that’s near the base of the machine depending on whether or not it will close tightly or not.

The pressure gauges can be set at around 40 psi. It may be a little higher a little lower depending on your brand, so I suggest that you refer to the manual for that.

Once you don’t know that I need to do is pull down on the lever hold it for around 45 seconds to a minute and then lift up.

Next thing you know you have a finally pressed garment

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