Avoid Heat Transfer Mistakes

Since were humans were bound to make mistakes when heat pressing. There’s really no way that were going to be able to prevent this. However, there are some ways that we can minimize it.

There are several common mistakes that people make when using a heat press machine. The majority of them can be easily avoided, for the most part, but they’re not entirely going to be avoided. At times are just going to have to learn to adapt.

Here are some the more common mistakes that people make when using a heat press machine

#1 – Their Graphics Are Crooked

Yes even when you take all the time in the world to align your garment onto the surface of the heat press it sometime still comes out crooked. As is always going to happen, no. However, it does happen enough to where it’s going to be noticeable.

Truth is, unless you’re using some kind of laser-guided measuring system, there are always going to be imperfections. The main thing that I suggest when people are using a heat press is to make sure that they do it on a very flat and very solid surface. In addition I always tell them that they should really lowered the lever as slowly as they possibly can. If people are to rush through the process then it increases the chance of errors occurring.

#2 – They Print Things The Wrong Way

People often make a mistake and heat transfer their design backwards. You go through the painstaking process of making sure everything is lined up quickly and spelled correctly in just the way you want it. So then you make the pull of the lever and start your heat transfer. 45 seconds later you lifted up the lever to see your end product. At this point you realize that you had done the transfer backwards. There’s no real way to prevent this other than to make sure you’re taking your time and double checking all your work.

#3 – Design Doesn’t Stick

I often find that people have a problem with using a heat press with older materials. This generally happens to people who use their heat press machine very infrequently. Though have their materials, such as heat transfer paper, sitting in a drawer for a few years and then bust them out only every now and then. What this does is it bakes the paper dry out and become not nearly as effective. So when they actually go to use their heat press machine to do a transfer, they wonder what happened to the design when it ends up not appearing on the garment. This is why I always recommend that no matter what, you always purchase new accessory materials for your heat press when you’re going to be using it.

These are just some of the more common heat transfer mistakes that I see. If I haven’t come across more let you guys know

Steven Adams

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