Starting Your Shirt Printing Business

There is no easy shortcut to getting all the right elements and nailing down success in business. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of skill and a lot of hard work, so you do not end up losing your capital. Today’s technology has allowed many individuals to venture into business and create a source of income where they can be their boss. One of the fastest growing small and medium type businesses today are printing shops. Catering to a fashion-conscious market, there is enough demand for people who wish to open a business to print custom made designs on fabrics that can be used as clothing and fashion accessories such as bags and purses.

There are many ways on how you can start to establish our business in a shirt or fashion printing. The very first thing that you need is to equip yourself with the right knowledge on basic business concepts. Sure business is something that is universal, and many people who did not have degrees became successful business professionals, but it would not hurt if you acquire a little more knowledge about the challenge you are planning to conquer.

Once you have prepared yourself mentally, the next thing that you need to harness is your brand. Think of the type of services you want to provide and how you want to provide it putting the characteristics of your target market in the middle as a basis for your strategies. Building a brand means creating your business strategies according to the unique tastes and preferences of your target market.

Once you have laid out all the blue prints, you will need to have the right infrastructure to have the business running. A printing business does not require a huge space, but you need to have the right equipment to be able to deliver your services to your customers at a level of quality that does not disappoint. Basic things that you need would be designed canvas, a digital printer if you planned to use digital designs for your customers.

While a digital printer is commonly used these days, most people still prefer the classic heat press machines. These machines allow the designer the creative freedom to create his art outside of a monitor and transfer that print on fabric. The heat press machines use heat that is necessary to ensure the accuracy and timing of the transfer. Heat press printed fabrics often last longer and are of better quality as compared to those digitally done.

There is no easy way in getting success in business, however there are things that you can do to ensure that you are headed on the right path. Every entrepreneur will experience challenges along the way, and that should not come as a surprise. Every challenge is an opportunity for you to win and every win builds you a step closer to success. The key to getting there is to remain focus and to continue allowing yourself to learn throughout the process.

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What are the types of Heat Press Machine Should you Invest?

There are many benefits that you can profit from having a heat press machine as making it your priority in the business. It would be best as well that you become aware of the different types of option that are made available for a particular machine that includes the size, its timer, heat platen and its attachments. As you are choosing, make sure that you can select only the best type of heat press machine so that you will have a better experience. To gain a good profit, you must first understand that nature of the business as well.

There are of course different classifications of a heat press machine and all of these are very significant regarding achieving only the best result of t-shirts and other materials that help the business grows in such a manner that customers will indeed highly appreciate your design and style as well. For you to have a good generating job, here are the following types of heat press machine that will surely help you with investing.

  1. Clam- this type of heat press machine is best described as a machine that almost looks like a real clam shell. The machine has a platen that is found at the upper portion of the clam is where the platen is visible. Do remember that taking care of the upper platen should be followed accordingly.
  2. Swing-away- this is another type of heat press machine wherein the platen is straightened up and swings it to the right. This is usually the process as you use a swing-away that is rotated at about 100% degrees.

The good thing about these two types of heat press machines is that as you do your work with a clam-shell, it only have a limited space to produce printing. While on the other hand, the swing-away type is more basic and comfortable to use.

Features of a Heat Press Machine

The size – considering purchasing your heat press machine, choosing is very important. Keep in mind that the bigger the printing press machine, the better and bigger is the machine the more it is capable of printing. The difference between having a larger machine is that it may not suit your style and the design may turn out differently.

The Elevated lower platen- this is another type of feature wherein this is easier to use than any other heat press machine. The good thing about this type of feature is that you can pull away from the material easily and re-positioning it in a manner that you want.

The attachments- using a heat press machine requires you to be more aware of how you’re going to use it. Interchanging the platen could be done depending on how you have used it. For as long as it is in its right size. Also, lower platens need different other platens if it is made available.

Therefore, the benefits of a heat press machine are essential to all those who are into business. Each part has its significant value in giving out a good quality product.


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More Heat Transfer Mistakes!

Since my last post on avoiding heat transfer mistakes was so popular, I decided to continue the series. Thankfully the majority of my readers were the ones who gave me the ideas for this list. In fact, I’m kind of glad that I have written this series. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in my heat press machine struggles.

Seriously guys, using heat press machine can be very hard at times!

Here are some more heat press machine mistakes that you should avoid

#4 – Design Still Isn’t There!

One thing that a lot of people don’t know when starting off is that if you’re going to be heat transferring onto a darker colored garment you’re going to definitely need to use some kind of opaque transfer technology. A regular heat press machine is going to cut it. You need one that specifically designed with an opaque transfer technology. You’re also going to need transfer paper that’s made specifically with darker garments in mind. Without the two of these, you’re definitely never going to be able to do any kind of heat transferring onto darker garments.

#5 – Garment Has Burn Marks!

Even if you set all the settings on heat press machine correctly, things can still go wrong in your garments can still get burned. The most usual cause of this is because the temperature in the time was set incorrectly on the machine. People will purchase a new machine and then assume that their old settings will work the same on this newer machine. That sometimes not the case. That’s where we always recommend before you purchase heat press machine going check out the best heat press for vinyl reviews 2017. He press machine technology is always changing so if you’re going to be buying the best one you want to make sure to read as many reviews as you can. Some benefit of the newer heat press machines is that they reduce the chance of a garment burning because they offer a more evenly distributed heat transfer surface.

#6 – Vinyl Isn’t Staying On!

Probably the most frustrating thing that can happen when using a heat press is when the product seems to come out fine but then a few weeks later you discover that the vinyl is starting to peel off the shirt. This will usually start happening after you’ve wash the garment a couple of times. The way that I suggest to prevent this is to make sure that you’re using high-quality vinyl. Also make sure that you’re not using vinyl that’s been sitting around for a while. Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that the material that you’re doing a heat transfer onto can support vinyl. The last one is usually a rare incident but I have seen it happen.

Thanks for reading some mistakes that you need to avoid when using heat transfer machine. Of course, just to reiterate, before you make your heat transfer purchase make sure that you check out a bunch of he press machine reviews. A lot of these mistakes can be avoided if you simply purchase the correct heat press machine at the beginning.

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Avoid Heat Transfer Mistakes

Since were humans were bound to make mistakes when heat pressing. There’s really no way that were going to be able to prevent this. However, there are some ways that we can minimize it.

There are several common mistakes that people make when using a heat press machine. The majority of them can be easily avoided, for the most part, but they’re not entirely going to be avoided. At times are just going to have to learn to adapt.

Here are some the more common mistakes that people make when using a heat press machine

#1 – Their Graphics Are Crooked

Yes even when you take all the time in the world to align your garment onto the surface of the heat press it sometime still comes out crooked. As is always going to happen, no. However, it does happen enough to where it’s going to be noticeable.

Truth is, unless you’re using some kind of laser-guided measuring system, there are always going to be imperfections. The main thing that I suggest when people are using a heat press is to make sure that they do it on a very flat and very solid surface. In addition I always tell them that they should really lowered the lever as slowly as they possibly can. If people are to rush through the process then it increases the chance of errors occurring.

#2 – They Print Things The Wrong Way

People often make a mistake and heat transfer their design backwards. You go through the painstaking process of making sure everything is lined up quickly and spelled correctly in just the way you want it. So then you make the pull of the lever and start your heat transfer. 45 seconds later you lifted up the lever to see your end product. At this point you realize that you had done the transfer backwards. There’s no real way to prevent this other than to make sure you’re taking your time and double checking all your work.

#3 – Design Doesn’t Stick

I often find that people have a problem with using a heat press with older materials. This generally happens to people who use their heat press machine very infrequently. Though have their materials, such as heat transfer paper, sitting in a drawer for a few years and then bust them out only every now and then. What this does is it bakes the paper dry out and become not nearly as effective. So when they actually go to use their heat press machine to do a transfer, they wonder what happened to the design when it ends up not appearing on the garment. This is why I always recommend that no matter what, you always purchase new accessory materials for your heat press when you’re going to be using it.

These are just some of the more common heat transfer mistakes that I see. If I haven’t come across more let you guys know

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Heat Press Machine Operating Instructions

First Things To Do With Your Heat Press Machine:

Regardless of the type of heat press machine that you ended up purchasing, you’re gonna want to follow some general operating tips. I want to say that this goes for anyone, regardless if you’re seasoned pro it using heat press machine or if your brand-new user. It is are safe, practical tips that everyone should follow every time that they use a heat press.

First, you want to remove the machine from the packaging that it came in. Make sure that you inspect the machine for any kind of damage. Once you’ve done the inspection, you’re free to place the heat press machine on a wide and flat surface. You and also make sure that there’s nothing around the surface nor the heat press machine that can get in the way of operation.

Every heat press will come with a gauge in a pressure adjustment knob. You’re going to need to adjust both of these right out the gate depending on what you’re going to be trying to do a heat transfer onto.

Operation is pretty standard across the board, regardless of the brand that you ended up buying. Your first want to set the temperature on the device. It’s usually simply adding the up or down arrows and so you had your desired temperature.

Next, you’re gonna want to set the time on your heat press. Again, just use the up and down arrows until you get to the time that you want.

Once you have both the time and the temperature to the desired levels in heat press, you’re gonna want to hit the set button or enter button word ever one is going to confirm what you want to do. This is going to enable your heat transfer machine start heating up.

At this point, I highly recommend that you clear the area while it’s heating up. I can’t tell you how many times of heard of someone accidentally putting their hand down on the surface of a heat press only to end up in the hospital with severe burns.

Do not underestimate how hot your heat transfer machine is. It is enough to burn you and send you the hospital.

While your heat transfer machine is heating up, you can prepare the garment that you’re going to heat transfer onto. Might as well multitask while it’s heating up.

Once you have that done you’re going to take garment and then the transfer image and place it onto the surface of the heat press.

You open up the heat press by pressing on the handle. You may need to adjust a little rubber part that’s near the base of the machine depending on whether or not it will close tightly or not.

The pressure gauges can be set at around 40 psi. It may be a little higher a little lower depending on your brand, so I suggest that you refer to the manual for that.

Once you don’t know that I need to do is pull down on the lever hold it for around 45 seconds to a minute and then lift up.

Next thing you know you have a finally pressed garment

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I’m Only Ever Giving Gifts Made With A Heat Press

From now on, I’m only can ever give gifts that are made using my heat press machine.

I had made all those T-shirts using my first heat press for my family on Christmas. They absolutely loved it. Also, my uncle really love the mug that I made him. I really haven’t seen them also happy in such a long time. They had absolutely no idea what I had planned.

I kept getting questions about how on earth I had made all of those. You see, my family doesn’t necessarily share the enthusiasm for heat press like I do. They actually had no idea it existed up until that Christmas. I guess they just figured when people made T-shirts at a factory that they would so everything on or something.

It took a little while to explain how the heat transfer works, but they eventually got it.

I hope that they had the T-shirts on them so I can really show them the process.

What’s really cool is that my niece wants to come over and spend some time with me. She wants me to show her how to use the machine. She also mentioned that her soccer team could really use some awesome T-shirts.

I think it will be a great bonding opportunity of her and I get together and do some heat pressing together.

If that happens, I’m definitely going to need to go and buy some heat transfer vinyl, probably in bulk. But that’s okay because you really can’t put a price on great memories, especially with your little niece.

I hadn’t really anticipated that my family was going to love this heat transfer process so much. It’s kind of cool. I was almost the hit of the party. That usually never happened since some kind of a loner.

I think this heat press is going to really start to change my life for the better. I don’t know how, but I really want to incorporate this heat press into my work life. I think it would be kind of cool if I made our department some shirts. I think off the run that by my boss first, but I think she’ll approve it.

I’ve actually been thinking about having my own T-shirt business on the side. Since the heat transfer machine that I bought is okay for industrial use, it should be able to handle really anything that I throw at it. I’m not exactly sure how to go setting up my own business, so I guess I’ll have to learn about that.

But anyways, I just have so much fun using this new heat press, it’s really amazing. I’ve been spending a lot of time on forums reading what other people are making. It’s kind of cool different things that you can make. I hope I can continue to get a lot of use a heat press

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I Just Bought A Heat Press Machine!!!

My First Heat Press Machine!

I am so incredibly happy right now. For years I have been wanting my own heat press machine but for whatever reason I never had the money to buy one. I’ve been saving for about three years now in order to purchase one. When I wanted was a power press 15 x 15 heat press machine.

I had to wait for about three months after I finally had the money for it to go on sale. Once it was on sale I was able to buy the heat press that I wanted.

I’ve been wanting a heat press for a while because I absolutely love making my own shirts. Until the heat press machine I was just using my old iron that I had laying around in the house.

Sadly the iron is only good at doing any kind of heat transfer on small items. I want to start doing a heat transfer onto very large items such as sweatshirts and banners.

I have a lot of events coming up where I can definitely make use of this heat press machine. I’m actually super excited for it, which I don’t know if is a good thing or a sad thing. But actually, I don’t care, I have a heat press machine now.

Since Christmas is coming up in a little over a month, I think that I’m going to make my family a bunch of personalized T-shirts. I think it’ll be a riot if we all wear T-shirts on Christmas and take a big family photo with it. Our family is goofy like that, where we absolutely love personalized items.

I’m not gonna tell them that I bought the heat press because I wanted to be a surprise. I may even use the heat press to do some heat transfers onto mugs. My uncle is addicted to coffee so I think that he’d really like that.

It’s pretty amazing what these heat transfer machines can make nowadays. I just find it absolutely fascinating that you can take an image and just apply some heat and press it right onto a mug and then it will stick forever. This is the coolest concept to me.

I’m also glad I didn’t have to settle for cheap heat transfer machine. I knew that once I finally had the money saved up I want to buy a good one because I’m going to be using the heat machine for a very long time.

Among those people who like to buy items for life. I’ve heard that the power press heat press is one of the more durable ones that are available for sale. I just can’t believe I finally have my own heat press.

This is so cool and I look forward to sharing all my journeys with you.

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